Diesel Fuel Injection


Our Policy

McKenzie Diesel comply with environmental policies and legislation applicable to our business. It is our policy to execute our operations in a way that is environmentally sustainable so as to minimize negative environmental impact.

Facts and Figures:

Of all solid waste, metals make up almost 10%. Recycling of metals consume almost 95% less energy than the manufacture of metal based products. The most effective way of recycling is re-using.

Our Company Commitment

McKenzie’s have committed to contribute towards reducing the burden on the environment by preventing pollution within the company as well as advising our customers about reducing harmful fuel emissions.

How we meet our obligations

McKenzie’s have adopted a ‘recycling’ policy on fuel injection components to reduce the discarding of harmful metals. We continue to research and invest in technology and equipment that enables us to re-use rather than replace components.

We are particularly dedicated to the reconditioning of mechanical as well as electronic fuel injectors. This not only reduces ours and our customers carbon footprint, it saves our customers money. McKenzie’s recycle all used oils and fuels and unserviceable metal components.